The Resilience Advantage™

Enhance Focus, Creativity, and Your Ability to Problem Solve.
Make Smarter Choices, Improve Reaction Times, and Enjoy More Ease.

The Importance of Resilience

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Individual Benefits

Learn intelligent energy self-regulation techniques and practical tips for integrating them into your daily routines.

Create coherent heart rhythm patterns to facilitate higher brain function resulting in: more energy, better sleep, clearer thinking, and improved coordination.

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Organizational Benefits

Measurable Outcomes Demonstrate Great Return on Investment

Improvements in communication, teamwork, employee satisfaction, staff retention; reductions in sick time and health care claims costs (as demonstrated by companies including: Shell, BP, Unilever, Cisco, Boeing).

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Resilience Technology

Use HeartMath® technology to enhance your practice and promote success.  Take your coherence coach with you wherever you go!

The emWave2® or the Inner Balance™ devices provide you with ongoing coaching and show when you are reducing your stress and building your resilience.

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