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 Refer a Friend! 

Refer a Friend and Reap the Rewards!

I believe in the power of community and the support we can offer each other. That's why I'm excited to introduce my Referral Program, designed to thank you for spreading the word about my coaching services.

How It Works:

1. Share the Love:
- Tell your friends about the support and guidance you've discovered through coaching.
- When they contact me, have them mention your name as the referrer.

2. Your Friend Benefits:
- When your friend purchases a six-session package, they'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

3. Reward for You:
- As a token of my appreciation, you'll receive a $50 credit towards your next session or package when your friend completes their first session.

4. Celebrate Together:
- Once your friend finishes their sixth session, you both receive a free coaching session as a thank you for the referral.

Confidentiality Notice:

 - Respecting Privacy: I respect the confidentiality of all my clients. As such, the new client must consent to me notifying the person who recommended them of a successful referral. Please note, if the new client was the only person recommended by them, their identity may be easily determined. The new client has the right to decline, in which case no referral bonuses will be awarded in order to protect client confidentiality. These measures are in place to ensure the privacy and trust of all clients in our coaching relationship.

- Your Information is Safe: I ensure that all personal information and session details remain private and secure.

Why Refer?

- Exclusive Savings: Enjoy discounts on your future coaching sessions.
- Strengthen Your Network: Share the benefits of professional coaching with those you care about.
- Enhance Your Journey: More sessions mean more opportunities for personal growth and development.

Start Referring Today!

Spread the word, support your friends, and continue your journey with me. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change and growth.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The referred friend must complete all six sessions of their package for both parties to receive a free session.
  • The referring friend must be a client at the time of referral.
  • Free sessions must be used within three¬†months of the referral completion.


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