2-day Heart-Ninja Day Camp

Are you interested in accessing your intuition and tapping into your body's ability to renew & recover naturally?

Want to spend the day with like-minded people learning how to live with more ease, more self compassion, and more joy?

Join me (Casey Daly) for

Heart-Ninja Day Camp!

I will be sharing HeartMath® techniques from

The Resilience Advantage™

and inviting you to apply them to the framework of my book:

 Permission Slips: Thoughts on How to Be a Human Being Without Beating Yourself Up for Being Human.  

 Date:  July 14 & 15, 2018

Time: 11 am - 4 pm

Location: The Bu Studio - 1804 S. Vermont Ave.  Boise, Idaho (tentative) 

You'll learn:

  • to identify and manage your depleting & renewing emotions
  • to build your capacity to prepare, adapt, and recover from stressful events using the scientifically validated HeartMath® Institutes Techniques:
    • Heart Focused Breathing™ 
    • Quick Coherence® 
    • Inner-Ease™
    • Freeze Frame® 
    • Heart Lock-In®
  • to apply those techniques to build more self compassion, ease and joy into your life within the framework of Permission Slips

you'll also receive:

  • EXCLUSIVE Advance Digital Download of the ALL NEW illustrated version of Casey Daly's book Permission Slips (not available ANYWHERE else).
  • HeartMath® Institute Resilience Advantage™ Quick-Steps Card 
  • HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Workshop Certificate of Completion
  • Live demo of the Inner Balance™ and EmWave® Pro technologies
  • 10% discount on all technology, book, game purchases before/during camp
  • Alumni pricing for future Heart-Ninja Camp events/programs
  • A chance to be part of the growing HeartMath® community!


Registration Fee:  $150

Space is limited.  

Light snacks (fruit, veggies, dark chocolate) will be provided.  

Please bring a snack to share. (And don't forget your water bottle!) 

See you there! 

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